Saturday, April 29, 2006

Thailand Knows How to Treat Its Guests

Reprinted from Yahoo News Page


Tue Apr 25, 11:51 AM ET
BANGKOK (AFP) - A Thai zoo is hoping to build a "snow house" for its two giant pandas where they can escape the tropical heat to play in a room full of artificial snow.

Chiang Mai zoo, in northern Thailand, had asked the government for 50 million baht (1.3 million dollars) to build the panda play pen, project manager Prasertsak Buntragulpoontawee said, adding that if approved it should be open by the end of 2008.

The zoo wanted to create an environment similar to the panda's native habitat in southwest China, where the endangered animal lives in bamboo forest and snowy mountains, he said. Pandas apparently enjoy playing in snow.

It never snows in tropical Thailand. Even during the cool season from December to January, temperatures in Chiang Mai hover around 10 degrees (50 degrees Fahrenheit).

The pandas -- Chuang Chuang, 5, and his companion Lin Hui, 4 -- arrived in Chiang Mai in 2003 on a 10-year loan from China.


At 6:45 PM, Blogger Kathleen said...

Good idea! Pandas absolutely love snow, as we all know from Tai and Mei's well documented February frolic. I was so glad D.C. had one good snow for dear Butter to enjoy in his babyhood.


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